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What size stakes do you utilize?

We take staking very serious at J&R Event Rentals. ALL our tent rentals include 42" Steel Stakes (above industry standard) and are driven into the ground at least 36" inches. This makes sure your loved ones are protected and the tent is safety secured.

Why do you need to come out to the property first? 

Safety is our number 1 concern. Every property is different. As such, it is vital we conduct a Site Survey free of charge to make sure we know exactly what kind of equipment to bring the day of the tent installation. In addition we will measure desired tent location and make sure their is enough space to accommodate our tents. This way you will not have any unexpected surprises the day of installation.

When do you install the tent?

Most tent installation will be completed 1-2 days prior to your event and taken down the day after the event. However, special accommodations can be arranged on a case-by-case bases.

Do I need to be present during installation?

Based on our experience, we strongly encourage you to be present during the installation process. That way for any reason you decide to make a last minute change we can try our hardest to accommodate.

How long does it take to install a tent?

We always complete a Site Survey prior to installation date and this dramatically reduces on installation times. As a rule of thumb you should allow our professional installer at least 1-4 hours depending on the size of the tent.

What kind of surfaces can I place a tent over?

We have installed our tents on all various types of surfaces. We are experienced in the following tent installation surfaces: Grass, Wet Grass (near Marsh), Concrete, Asphalt, Bricks, Sand (Beach), Wood and High-Rise Decks. This experience is crucial in tent installation. Their are many tent rental companies but true expert knowledge on the various surfaces and conditions for tent installation is crucial for the safety of your party!

How do I know what will fit under a tent?

We can help with all your layout needs. We have various creative layout options that will maximize your space and functionality of your tent. If desired, we even set up your layout under your tent the day of the event. One more item to check off your list!

I like your packages but I need to add more items?

Great question! We pride ourselves on offering one of the broadest selections of party rentals in the area. As such, browse our website and just let us know what items you'd like to add and we will gladly include it within your package at a discounted rate!

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