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Why Rent With Us?

Truly Offering Something Special


From proper transportation to installation and set up, we pride ourselves on our process of professionalism. Before and after all events we inspect/maintain all equipment for our clients.

For added safety, all of our team members are professionally presentable and will have uniforms. That way you can always clearly identify a Bounce Play Love team member!

Pinwheel Kids


We are TRULY INDUSTRY LEADING. Every piece of equipment from Bounce Houses to Chairs are disinfected the day of your event ON-SITE. All our products come 99.9% bacteria free!

Trust us - We are the only company that offers this service. Cleanliness is our TOP PRIORITY.


THIS IS A BIG DEAL. We will NEVER cancel a future scheduled event because we were not adequately prepared and we ALWAYS show up on time. PERIOD!

"If you're On-Time you're Late, If you're 5 Minutes Early you're On-Time" -My Grandfather

Carefree Drive
Friends Party


THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Just have fun during your event and let us worry about the process of making sure everything is PERFECT.

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