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The Showroom


Bounce Play Love Event Rentals created a place that everyone could relax and have fun creating their ideal event vision. We wanted to create "something different" than your industry standard Event Rental Showroom. 

It's All About You!

Our clients will have the entire showroom dedicated to themselves and their support team. You will enter the "Creative Room" were you can have hands on experience with all our Linens, Chairs, Tables, China, Glassware etc. You will have Full access to create your personalized vision for your event by creating several arrangements until you find the perfect set up! Of course, our experienced staff will be there to assist. 

(Bring the kiddos, We even have a Kids Room!)

How does it work!

1.) Select an appointment time to come see our Showroom.

(Yes! You really do get your own designated time!)

2.) Bring all your Family & Friends.

3.) Relax and have Fun creating your perfect vision!

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